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[Сезон Весна-Лето / 2013]


CONTRFASHION, from my personal point of view, is one of the most spectacular shows - bright, interesting, unusual. Responding to my admiration, one of the backstage society lions said: “Those who are young always try hard because their every new fashion show can potentially be the last one”. This is true. Even if you compare original fashion collection “Barbi” presented by Dasha Gauzer, an experienced participant of Fashion Weeks, these designers were better in everything starting from unconventionality, concept and even quality of fabric. Such CONTRFASHION designers as Karolina Ray and her collection ‘Ambitius’ made of caoutchouc, Maria Vukova with original constructions……


A feast of ideas and cultural references! CONTRFASHION declares the primacy of ideas over the commercial component, so that shows organized by the project in the frames of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. are traditionally the most interesting ones. Net six young artists have shown extraordinary, even bizarre things, which were created regadless of any frameswith references to the style from all over the world. Structural metamorphosis of foam rubber allowed white decorative pattern by Carolina Paradise to live their own lives on a black background of embossed, graphic silhouettes. Esoteric images created by Vyukov Mary, with their horned hats and sweeping textural solutions looked like clear references to the pagan culture of Babylon. Victoria Prokhorova's stylistic vision clearly has its roots in the Japanese anime, which aesthetic she recreated in her collection with obvious true love, Her choice of colors from violet part of the spectrum deserves a special praise. Antique tailoring models Katerina Dyurdya add advanced incredibly rich textures and lavish decorations with volume bows and layered fabrics. Sophisticated engineering solutions Marina Choi (she performs under the name Minatsoy) by combining transparency with elements of beads, sequins and crystals are induced by the association with the Brazilian carnival costumes, have turned into evening gowns


CONTRFASHION leader Michael Vilchuk told us about his pet project, his attitude to fashion and what he thinks fashion avant-garde is
-Misha, please tell us about your role in Mercedes Fashion Week Russia
I'm CONTRFASHION project leader. The projects gets together young avant-garde fashion designers. We organize their shows in the frames of the Russian Fashion Week. This year we expect the third show to take place.
-What does 'avant-garde fashion' mean?
-Avant-garde is what people usually don't wear in the ordinary life. This is the image, something unusual, what takes us away from reality: from black raincoats, jeans coats, from everything regular. Its very sad to see all the same on podiums every year, that is the reason why I decided to establish CONTRFASHION


We continue to keep you updated on what’s going on at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. One of the shows - a presentation of collection Spring-Summer 2013 by a group of designers from CONTRFASHION. CONTRFASHION is an avant-garde project for young designers, which like experiments with materials, forms and proportions. This year the following six designers took part in the show: Marina Tsoy, Karolina Rai, Maria Vjukova, Rina Vurkhez, Alisa Neoronova and Viktoria Prokhorova. We decided to go backstage to see how preparation for the CONTRFASHION show is going on. Since Alisa Neoronova’s models were wearing dresses in controversial and strict designs by Checkeredssance, makeup artists were busy making an agressive make up for girls. Viktoria Prokhorova's models could be recognised by he futuristic headgear decorated with flowers. Girls were hardly moving in volumetric fashionable dresses from organza. In comparison with the Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 CONTRFASHION design became more complex, more attention was focused on the details and the overall image of models. It’s worth noting that the show was attended by models of different, bodily constitution, which proves that the project is open for all fashionistas


CONTRFASHION caught public on the raw: 6 young designers presented their new collections. Epatage contradicted with modesty and simlplicity, black and white was followed by flashes of pink, easy lace by solid matter. It’s easier to see once!


One of most outstanding shows in the frames of 25th season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was presentation of Spring/Summer 2013 collection by a group of designers CONTRFASHION. CONTRFASHION clothing differ by unconventional proportions and mad cut. Creations of things makes designers use qualitative materials and experiment with various combinations. Contrafaction gets together the following designers: Marina Tsoy, Carolina Rai, Maria Viukova,Katerina Durlya,Alice Neoronova and Viktoria Prokhorova. All of them had their own ideals and sourses of inspiration. Alice Neoronova combined in clothing collection Checkeredssance British cage and lush skirts, ornate lace and clean lines. The outfit was extravagant and flashy. Victoria Prokhorova released apparel made of transparent and light fabric with elements of floral prints. One could feel futurismin in hats, what gave images a greater brightness. Carolina Rai placed her bets on graphic in dresses and also combined black and yellow colors that create an effect of a post-apocalyptic morning. White symbolizes the triumph of life over the chaos of the universe. Marina Choi continues oriental LUXURY theme in the new season, which can be seen in autumn-winter 2012/2013 collection by CONTRFASHION. A key thing of new line was the dress, decorated with sequins and rhinestone


The project CONTRFASHION, which traditionally presents six young designers, shows once again that the world of fashion is not only business, but creativity, unique ideology and vision. Grotesque and gothic images, elements of burlesque, notes of Japanese culture, constructivism, hi-tech and antiquity - all of this can be seen at Mary Vyukov’s, Victoria Prokhorova’s, Catherine Dyurdya’s, Marina Choi’s and Alice Neoronovoy’s models! It is easier to see once

[Сезон Осень-Зима/2012-2013]


CONTRFASHION – combines young and talented designers, which represent a fresh view at fashion. They are not confined to any context- they create their own style. This makes the expected show being unorthodox and hitting minds of public with avant-garde and individual view at common things. During the evening it is expected that eight separated blocks will be present, each of which is absolutely unique when it comes to the message, eccentrics, geometry, materials…


TOP 10 Most anticipated shows Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia
Stylist and image-maker Gera Scandal will be present for the first time as a designer with a project CONTRFASHION. There will be 9 images – four of which are female, two male and three- children. All of them are designed for extravagant, brave and dynamic people


A fashion show by avant-garde project CONTRFASHION will take place on 22 of March 2012 in the frames of Mecedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia (season Autumn-Winter/2012-2013) . CONTRFASHION (Contradiction Fashion) – project for young designers with a fresh look at fashion. Designers aren’t put into any frames – they create their own style. CONTRFASHION project participants are changed every new Fasion Week, but the main thing remains unchanged-the idea, but not a commercial value. There will be eight separated blocks present during the show, all of them, as organizers say, are unique in its message, geometry, eccentric and materials. "We gather around new names. This is one of CONTRFASHION missions, - says Project Manager Michael Vilchuk.- For Maria Milyuhina, Julia Karchenkova and Margarita Bykovskaya’s tandem - it’s the first exit on the big podium as well as for Marina Choi and Hera Scandal”. They agreed for a crazy experiment, since they are not fashion designers, but stylists. They are very professional stylists, but for the first time in this role. Victoria Prokhorov, Katerina Frankfurt, Diana Pavlov, Svetlana Kalinichenko have never experimented with avant-garde, so it is also a kind of debut. Accents will be on unusual materials, which helped to create the collection, for example, paper and a variety of forms "...


CONTRFASHION is known among those, who follows projects by young designers. Designers, which are notable for not commercial, but ideological orientation. Due to that reason the participants of the project is changed on a regularly basis: some start working hard, some leave the industry, but there is always a new ideological show available in the frames of CONTRFASHION. This season the project is expected to be present at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. One of the project participants, Victoria Prokhorova, is a debutant. Her hats dresses are made for romantic girls, which do not like to merge with the greyness of the city streets and are not afraid to draw attention to themselves

[Сезон Осень-Зима/2011-2012]


Пожалуй, наиболее оригинальный показ первого дня принадлежал молодым дизайнерам, отобранным проектом CONTRFASHION. Японское дыхание Нади Глазковой, с весьма яркой игрой черного и белого при крое в духе авангардного минимализма сразу задало тон всему показу. Его поддержала и сложная геометрия графичных луков Марии Цуман, с ее акцентированными воротниками, капюшонами в духе конструктивизма и выверенным сочетанием прямых линий с пышными фактурами. Работая над довольно сложной задачей — совместить женственность с брутальностью — Алла Бельченкова очень грамотно оттенила яркую цветовую гамму сдержанной черной окантовкой. Воздушность, мифизм и нарочитая оторванность от реальности Насти Курбатовой резко контрастировали с городским минимализмом от Alex Katasonov, продемонстрировавшим на удивление внятный бизнес-план в своей коллекции. Не оставил никого равнодушным и полушутливый финал Венеры Казаровой, которая сумела разглядеть ананас в каждом человеке и показать его в веселых бумажных нарядах.


Примечательно, что куратором показа CONTRFASHION стал британский дизайнер Гарет Пью (Gareth Pugh). Открывала показ капсульная коллекция Нади Глазковой, вдохновленная работами японских дизайнеров. Одежда от Нади Глазковой полна авангардного минимализма и поиска формы. Особенно удачным оказалось комбинированное белое с черным платье. Среди работ Марии Цуман обратило на себя внимание оригинальное платье-кокон, цельнокроеный с рукавами. Удачными можно назвать юбки с завышенной талией, одна из которых была выкроена по косой и была дополнена объемным верхом из жатой ткани. Предложенные дизайнером образы, завершали высокие парики XVIII века рыжего и серого цветов волос. Алла Бельченкова в своей коллекции «Метаморфозы конструктивности» попыталась совместить женственность и брутальность. Тонкая костюмная ткань в клетку послужила для дизайнера основой для своего творческого поиска. Испещрив малые формы коротких женских платьев конструктивным членением, подчеркнутые черным кантом, дизайнер будоражит воображение зрителей. Коллекция Анастасии Курбатовой скорее напоминала театральные костюмы к какой-либо мифической постановке, чем концептуальную моду. Стандартный набор выразительных средств: парча, бархат, вышивки, стразы, только подтверждали эту мысль. Alex KATASONOV представил casual-направление в мужской моде и непонятно, почему он оказался в компании людей представляющих концептуальное направление в моде. Обещанной видеоинсталяции от Гарета Пью не было, что с лихвой компенсировала заключительная коллекция Венеры Казановой. Маленький праздник в исполнении «театра моды Казановой» был посвящен теме: «Ананас среди нас». Забавные костюмы в виде бумажных ананасов представили мини-эволюцию человеческих отношений, призывая зрителей к добру, счастью и радости. Конечно, молодые дизайнеры взялись за очень сложную тему, на то они и молодые, и дерзкие.


The first day of MBFW Russia was marked with an unconventional show- CONTRFASHION, supervised by the British designer Gareth Pugh. This time a real attack of British designers is expected. The fisrt show in a series of shows by CONTRFASHION was supervised by Gareth Pugh. Specially for the project he selected several collections of young designers, which fully reflected the concept and philosophy of CONTRFASHION- Contradiction Fashion. The project mission is formulated roughly speaking: to track results of searching of contradictions in structures and forms of ‘the world of things’. All collections of one or another artist is the laboratory of his inner space and creating a material form, designer suggests us coordinates of his mental outlook. As a result, there was a mixed show, in the frames of which every of six participants demonstrated their several creations. Some said that guests are espected to be shown light and music show, installations, and even finally a live standup with Gareth Pugh. As usually, in reality everything was much more simple


Prestigious edition of New York Magazine had an eye out for the shows in the frames of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Moscow. Recently the web site of the magazine published a review of dresses, created by Russian designers


A group of designers put together by CONTRFASHION had a real artistic fun! Nadya Glazkova originally played with a trending Japanese topic – in the spirit of avant-garde minimalism; Maria Tsukman quite successfully experimented with trendy hoods. Venera Kazarova suggested to recognize in every person… a pineapple, which were dressed in a paper suits and reminded Paco Rabanne’s unforgettable search…And, of course, another outstanding event was a fashion show by Masha Kravtsova, who decided to protect a modern girl from the aggressive urban environment in the spirit of the current military. On their heads models had real army helmets, only smaller and resembling berets


Everyone was looking forward to the most promoted show by CONTRFASHION. Organizers promised something unforgettable. The project, supervised by the British designer Gareth Pugh, should have presented young Russian designers – Anastasia Kurbatova, Nadya Glazkova, Maria Tsuman, Alla Belchenkova, Venera Kazarova, Alex Katasonov. In addition to this, the guests were promised an unforgettable light-musical show. As it turned out, everything was less colorful in real life than it was described in press release. However, young talents presented very unusual models, some of which could have impressed even Lady Gaga


Young designers in addition to proper fantasy showed a considerable sense of humor and a desire for experiments. One of such experiments was a show by Venera Kazanova, which took place as a part of CONTRFASHION project. Instead of usual catwalk models dancing pineapples in angelic white came to podium


The show CONTRFASHION was another highlight of the first day: minimalistic cutout garment in black and white collection by Nadya Glazkova was harmonically followed by Maria Zuman’s project… Another highlight of the first day was the show CONTRFASHION: cut and minimalist black and white palette in the collection Nadia Glazkova was continued work harmoniously Mary Central Department Store, which has focused on combining together the geometric, clean lines and lush textures. Alla Belcencova continuing to set the tone, used a black border to the bright colors of his collection. Like catching and enhance the perception of the previous show, Venus Kazarova for bright colors added pineapple juice, expressing it in a playful paper dresses


This is a little cheery and white to be Gothic Fashion, but it was avant-garde and I loved it. Russian Fashion Week took place earlier this month. One of my favorite designers was Venera Kazarova as part of the CONTRFASHION show in Moscow. The clothing was sculpted and the models vamped it up in a playful attitude. The designer's sketches have the same whimsical quality. Were these meant to be a bridal collection? Or an artistic take on a ghostly pineapple? It was fabulous either way...Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe.


The show was like “in one breath”. All designers looked at the form in their own way, their own unique cutout garment gradation, telling with a costume a special story of a personal perception of the world. The last entry was extremely unique and showed everyone a ”Pineapple” world. Yes, that was a “Pineapple” which was presented in diversified way. This show was not just fashionable entry with a trendy clothing, it was a comic play of forms and a snow-white volume. Comic heroes came one after another to podium, wearing huge masses of “pineapple creations”, when on the background instead of general music and genius music tracks there was playing a story about “Pineapple life”. Very positive, comic and avant-garde.

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